Virtual Inventory
Provides Expansive
Product Catalog
without the Risk or
Cost of Stocking.

Increase Your Suppliers & Products… Virtually!


Find any item with a fast search with partial words from description, brand, category and more.


Provides the pathway to increase product categories well beyond your current offering.


All virtual items orders are managed through the system to be delivered with customers’ regular deliveries.

Meet Increasing Customer Demands with Virtual Product Offerings.

An LTO? Menu expansion? New product trend? Or just do not have the space to carry the product?…Exceed your customers’ demands for products not found in your stocked inventory with our platform. With LogisticaForce you can offer as many products you want to have available for their selection.

Expand Products Virtually… Actually!

The unique integration capabilities of our on-line ordering platform provide a distributor the ability to easily add products from either existing or new suppliers and redistributors.