Why Us

Learn about the benefits of our "Grow Your Green" program.

Why Us?

We enable you to carry thousands of natural food products

Logistica Force provides you with an online ordering system so you and your customers can easily access and order thousands of natural and organic food products. This includes the most popular brands and hard-to-find favorites.

We make it so you have no inventory risk

Our "Just-inTime" inventory management system means you don't have to worry finding storage space, holding costs, or spoilage. This alleviates costs which pertain to item code set up, slotting and inventory which will save thousands of dollars as well as increase your cash flow.

We take care of everything for you… including training and support!

Our team will provide you with all the training and support you and your customers need to get started ordering natural food products online… including offering a downloadable product guide and online interface with your branding.

We offer "pay as you go" pricing

We've made our system as risk-free and affordable as possible by offering "pay as you go" pricing. This means there are no upfront or sign on fees. Instead, we simply charge a small monthly fee and a transaction fee for each order that's easy to pass along to end customers.

There's no technology investment required

Did we mention that you don't need to worry about any technology investment? The Logistica System is "cloud-based", which simply means you and your customers just need an Internet connection to order online… while we do all the hard work behind the scenes.

You'll be up and running in a matter of days!

It won't take long to get you up and running. We just need to configure and test the system based on your ordering requirements… and then create a unique URL and passwords for you to use. We'll then walk you through how it works and help with your first few orders. Sound simple? It is!

We're experts in the logistics of natural food distribution

You'll be in good company with Logistica Force as we're experts in all aspects of natural food distribution... plus, we can give you insight into which products to carry, current sales trends, hot sellers, and new natural products that are coming soon!