Our Team

Our leadership squad is comprised of experts across various fields for the perfect combination of knowledge and experience.

Leadership Team

Alok Singhania


Alok is an entrepreneur in the field of Mobile and SaaS technologies and is passionate about developing exciting ideas into successful products and companies. He brings a proven ability to launch succesful products to the marketplace, and manage their growth into larger succesful entities.

Alok started his career at Sun Microsystems in various technical and marketing position. In the past, he was CEO at Blindfish, and EVP at Liquidprice, as well as CEO at Info Objects.In addition, he currently serves as President of Mobile Apps at Mobifusion.

Alok was a Ph. D candidate in Physics at University of Pittsburgh where he also earned a dual Master’s degree in Physics and Computer Science. He received a BS (Hons) from Presidency College, Kolkatta

Paul Jensen


Paul Jensen brings an expertise in food services distribution, and holds a unique passion for delivering natural and organic products to the industry. He brings his extensive knowledge of natural foods and cross-dock technology to LogisticaForce. As a partner, he oversees strategic partnernships and operations.

Paul grew up in the SF Bay Area working at his family's food company, Palo Alto Egg, becoming heavily involved in each aspect of the company's operations. He loaded and drove trucks, managed sales, purchasing, and accounting, and became the company's IT expert. In the early 1990's, he took over the company along with his brother, and built it to a successful specialty food service distributor.

Paul holds Bachelors Degree from San Jose State University.